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Selling Your Practice

Selling Your Practice

Practice Valuation

Do you want to know the factors that drive value in your practice? 

Whether you are looking to sell your practice today or want to assure you are doing what's most important to increase your practice value, we can help. Our team has extensive experience in assessing therapy practices and in-depth insight into industry trends that drive practice values.


You only sell your practice once... Be Prepared to Make It Count!

Clarifying personal and professional goals is the first step for any owner considering selling or partnering with one of the many buyers within our industry. Once goals are clarified and practice value is understood, we assist owners in navigating the complexities of preparation and early due diligence. We generate marketing material, offering memorandums, and complete a thorough compliance audit before initiating the marketing phase. As past buyers, we understand the drivers of practice value and will help position your practice appropriately. Being prepared prior to entering into buyer discussion is vital for generating optimal interest and maximizing value. 

Our Sales Process

Are you looking to sell your practice?

Finding a trusted Advisor can pay dividends whether you are looking to sell your practice today or in the future. As past buyers ourselves, we understand how to optimize the value and attractiveness of your practice. We also provide an integrated risk assessment by a certified health care compliance specialist to address any concerns early in the sales process. We guide the preparation process and identify qualified buyers to ensure you have several options that align with your personal and professional goals. We also prepare marketing material, lead negotiations, and assist in due diligence preparation to keep your deal on track. We regularly work with a select group of Attorneys, Accountants, and Investment Bankers when additional services are needed. 

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