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Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Charge Capture

Would you like to generate more revenue with the same patient volume?

We help practice owners with strategies that drive increased charge capture while eliminating compliance risk. We assess individual payer contracts and billing practices to identify opportunities, then work with owners and staff to implement charge capture, scheduling and payor strategies. We also assess collection performance to drive improved collections and revenue cycle processes.

Metric Management

Do you need help improving clinic profitability?

We guide practice owners through a comprehensive assessment to determine how key performance indicators and operational metrics stack up to industry benchmarks. We identify gaps in staffing, processes, and technology and implement sustainable solutions that drive increased profitability.

Contract Negotiations

Do you need help negotiating insurance contracts or deciding if you should accept an offered rate?

We assess your practice's insurance contracts and help optimize contact terms. We establish long-term strategies that create win-win relations with payers and leverage practice strengths to maximize rates, creating value for owners and payers.

Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement

Do you need sustainable processes that drive clinical quality and profitability?

Consistent processes drive quality care, profit, and long-term success. We guide practice owners through a comprehensive assessment to determine how key processes stack up to industry best practices. We prioritize opportunities, then work with you and staff to create sustainable processes that drive quality care, customer loyalty, and profitability. Our team has extensive training in LEAN Strategies to simplify processes that create value and eliminate those that do not.

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